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Online Doctor Consultations + Pathology Referrals

At AS Wellness we understand people live busy lives. And therefore we have created a platform that offers 100% online doctor consultations and pathology reviews.

Our highly experienced medical team is committed to delivering innovative health and wellness solutions to patients remotely. Our innovative, scientifically supported wellness solutions are focused toward activating human optimisation so our customers can perform efficiently in every aspect of their lives.

Our process fosters an ongoing doctor and patient relationship, ensuring patients receive the best support and medical products for their goals.
Our Expert Consultations

100% Remote Medical Consults

Choose between three unique expert consultations to delve deeper into your wellness journey. Gain the support and advice of medical professionals to maximise your results.
Virtual Expert Consultations

How does it work?

We offer a range of expert consultations to ensure our patients receive personalised medical solutions unique to their goals.
Once you have purchased an Expert Consultation of your choice, you will be contacted by our medical team to get started. This is where you will receive your pathology referral (if necessary).
This is where you will receive personalised advice and recommended products from one of our experts along with your pathology results (if completed).
Log into your account and place your product order. Please allow up to 1-5 business days for delivery.
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Dedicated to helping patients

Offering professional support and personalised services to all patients to ensure they enjoy the benefits our integrative medical solutions and supplements can have on their health and wellbeing.

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