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Extensive Pathology Referral and Consultation

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Extensive Pathology Referral and Consultation

Remote Medical Service

Our Extensive Pathology Referral and Consultation is recommended by our Doctors as it allows for a full examination of your medical history, pathology results, current health concerns and future wellness goals.

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In comparison to the Annual Medical Consultation and Review, this package is far more comprehensive and provides our Medical Team with a better understanding of your current health status to plan a personalised treatment plan towards your goals.

You will receive a referral for an extensive pathology exam that assesses your hormone levels and vitamin/mineral deficiencies. This is followed up by a consultation to review your pathology results and devise a treatment plan to achieve your wellness goals. It is suggested that this package be completed once per year.

Please note that this consultation is privately charged and Medicare rebates are not available. Once purchased, our Patient Care Team will be in touch to schedule your consultation where they will gather further information regarding your concerns to inform our Medical Team prior to your booking.

Our Medical Team

Our Medical Team is made up of experienced health professionals.

They are dedicated to bringing you their expertise remotely so you can have peace of mind.

If you would like to know more please contact us.

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