Peptide Bioregulators: The New Generation of Life Extension Supplements

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From supplement capsules, to powders, to injectables AS Wellness offers a wide range of non-medicated options to help patients feel like their best selves.

AS Wellness’ highly experienced naturopath and medical team work with our pharmacy to create products that are better than the off-the-shelf vitamins you find in your local grocery store.

Our Naturopath has created a list of their top supplement recommendations that will help patients target a variety of concerns to reach their individual health and wellness goals.

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Our Naturopath’s Recommended Supplements

Testo Ignite is formulated with a blend of ingredients which work in combination to support the body’s ability to naturally increase testosterone and hormone levels. It contains powerful ingredients, including Tongkat Ali, Zinc, Selenium and Tribulus.
Epitalon is a synthetic peptide that has been considered the ‘Fountain of Youth’ due to its potential anti-aging and health-promoting properties. It works to enhance longevity and comes in both injectable and oral capsule form.
NAD+/NMN is a compounded oral supplement designed to support your body during the natural ageing process. NAD+ and NMN are both coenzymes that play a vital role in energy production, DNA repair and maintaining overall cellular health.
This comprehensive blend of Berberine with the conjunction of Milk Thistle has been formulated to assist with weight management, improve digestive health, provide anti-inflammatory benefits as well as lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
Tongkat Ali is a traditional herb used to help naturally restore hormone balance. Offering several benefits, this supplement blend may support muscle development, promote sexual health, and boost energy levels.
Body Balance is made of Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides derived from Bovine and comes as a water soluble powder. The potential benefits of this supplement include weight management, increased collagen production and elastin, as well as muscle support and strength.
This carefully curated formula is designed to support optimal brain function while heightening cognitive performance. It contains a range of nootropic specific ingredients and essential B Vitamins which combine to improve cognitive health.
Thermo Plus is a natural weight loss supplement crafted with the highest quality ingredients. Based on thermogenic principles, this product contains ingredients that assist the weight loss process by enhancing the body’s ability to burn fat while simultaneously reducing appetite.

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